Kathleen A. Reagan
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Equine Law

Kathleen A. Reagan offers legal services supporting the horse industry in the following areas:
  • Consultation Services

    Non-equine attorneys attempting to represent clients in horse-related matters risk misadvising their clients due to the subtleties of equine law which varies significantly from general law. Attorney Reagan provides expert guidance and consultation services on industry practices related to equine law.

  • Sale, Lease, and Board Contracts

    Expensive horses need the protection of good contracts for the protection of buyer, seller, lease participants, owners, trainers, and riders alike. Horse law is unlike other areas of law and requires special expertise in the drafting of contracts that will protect the parties involved. Deals on a handshake carry risks for all concerned, so investing in a good contract makes good business sense. Horses are consumer goods under the Uniform Commercial Code, can be purchased in secured transactions, and can be seized in court proceedings for unpaid board bills. Knowing the correct procedures can protect all parties in the event of problems.

  • Real Estate

    The purchase and sale of equine real property carries unique features not ordinarily encountered by the average real estate attorney. The average attorney has no experience in the management of insurance issues, boarding issues, farm equipment issues, or farm credit financing, which can be the difference between success or failure in the purchase process.

  • Personal Injury

    Most states have a limitation of liability statute that prevents those injured in equine pursuits from suing. However, these statutes do have exceptions and advice on negotiating the statute is crucial for barn owners, riders, and instructors.

Kathleen Reagan is an accomplished rider and trainer of horses. She is a current member of the United States Polo Association and a former member of the Newport, RI Polo Club in Portsmouth, R.I., she is also a co-founder and vice president of QueryHorse LLC (www.queryhorse.com), the powerful search engine focused on all things horses.

Attorney Reagan developed her experience growing up on her ranch in Missouri breeding, raising, training, and selling horses in a variety of disciplines and breeds, including Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Arabians, Saddlebreds, and Tennessee Walkers. A past member of the University of Virginia Polo Club, the Cambridge University Polo team in Cambridge, England, and a participant of the Cambridge Drag Hunt, Attorney Reagan has broad experience in a wide range of equine matters and with the horse industry. Attorney Reagan developed and taught a course in equine law for Concord Law School, where she was a Professor of Law. She was also an adjunct professor at Albany Law School teaching equine law. Attorney Reagan is a member of the Board of Directors of the American College of Equine Attorneys.

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